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Fire Wife Society Waitlist

Fire Wife Society

Fire Wife Society Members Only boxes are created for the women of the fire service. If you’re a fire wife, fire girlfriend, or firefighter, our boxes are for you!

After hearing over and over that you don’t want everything you own to say “Fire Wife” on it, but knowing that you care deeply about your husband’s health and want to make sure you’re both doing everything you can to prevent firefighter cancer, I’ve created a monthly subscription box just for you!

Monthly Boxes Include:

  • Hand-picked, quality home decor, wellness, and fun items just for you!
  • Your husband’s FLAME Decon products right on time each month to make sure he’s properly decontaminating after a fire and whenever he’s on shift.

Every box contains all of the items that have been hand pick by me to fit the season and your lifestyle. The only difference between the boxes is a which FLAME Decon products you’ll get for your husband each month.

Get all of this starting at $45

You can change boxes or cancel at anytime.