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We're Hiring: Sales Reps

Work with Us: FLAME Sales Representative

Position: Sales Representative

Type: Fully remote, Independent contractor, Contract position

Pay: Straight commission. Tiered commission structure from 20% - 24%

Position Overview

Our sales reps help us reduce the percentage of firefighters getting cancer by educating decision makers and helping them get FLAME products into the hands of their firefighters, so they have them to remove carcinogens when they need them.

FLAME Natural Decon products have set the standard for firefighter personal decon and now that we know carcinogens are present not only throughout the fire station and apparatus, but in turnouts, it's become exponentially clear that personal decon with FLAME during every shift and after every fire call is a must. 

We are seeking experienced sales representatives to work directly with the decision makers at fire departments to ensure they're providing their firefighters with the proper personal decon products. 


  • Department outreach: You will be responsible for finding contacts for and reaching out to decision makers at first departments within your region to educate them on the benefits of FLAME and help them bring FLAME products into their departments, so they’re there when the firefighters need them.
  • Communication: Our sales reps are good communicators; via email, phone call, and in person. You will be communicating with leadership and reaching out to decision new makers a regular basis.
  • Outreach and Tracking: Our sales reps have exciting incentives and KPIs that keep the team moving together in the right direction to reduce firefighters’ risk of getting cancer across America. You will be responsible for meeting those KPIs and tracking your outreach to ensure contact with new departments and maintain relationships with departments who have already purchased or may purchase in the future.
  • Product knowledge: FLAME sales representatives receive training on how our products work, how to use them, and when to use them, so they are prepared to educate potential customers and answer questions. You will be well equipped to educate and help customers know what role FLAME plays in their cancer prevention program.


  • A deep passion for reducing firefighters’ risk of getting cancer
  • 1 year of sales experience
  • Knowledge of the fire service’s career and volunteer structure in regards to who to reach out to
  • A insatiable desire to learn and educate
  • The discipline to work independently, making the time to cultivate new relationships and follow up with existing
  • The time to dedicate to research fire station in your region, and do outreach to potential and existing customers 
  • Good communication skills, comfortable reaching out to people you don’t know, and comfortable communicating with leadership
  • Have a knack for presenting information in a conversational and informative way
  • Have great customer service skills
  • Be well organized
  • Have the desire to exceed minimum sales goals
  • Willingness to learn software systems

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to tara@flamedecon.com. Your cover letter should answer the questions “Why do you want to work for FLAME? How do you see yourself being an asset to our team?”  DMs will not be replied to in regards to this position.