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Get Jobs - Monthly Membership Box

Monthly Box Includes:

  • Fresh tee designed monthly by Black Smoke Sticker Co for Job Town 
  • Sticker to match your new tee
  • Bar of FLAME Decon Soap
  • Donation to a firefighter actively fighting cancer in the U.S. 

Retail: $45
One-time Box: $33
Membership Price: $30

Becoming a member saves you $ on your box, makes sure you always have your decon products on hand when you need them and gets you our member's only pricing of 20% off our entire store at all times.

Thanks to Brendan at Black Smoke Sticker Co all profits from tee shirts and stickers go to our Firefighter Cancer Advocate Program - and all funds from the program go to a firefighter actively fighting cancer in the U.S. each month. 

Your first box will ship within 2-3 business days. Your tee will come separately (as this expedites shipping). 

Legalese: By purchasing this product you understand that this product does not claim to prevent or cure cancer or any other disease or infection. You also assume all responsibility for use of this product.