Women's FCA Tee

I'd like to personally invite you to be part of our Firefighter Cancer Advocate Program - a community of advocates helping our brothers and sisters in the fire service live cleaner and healthier lives.

When you purchase Firefighter Cancer Advocate gear you are committing to doing your decon and sharing that process in order to help create an environment where all stages of decontamination are the norm.

By purchasing this piece of gear you agree to be part of the solution, by sharing your decon routine on social media with the hashtags #ffcanceradvocate #doyourdecon and talking about the ways you can reduce your risk in your fire house.

Proceeds from every Firefighter Cancer Advocate gear purchase are donated to a firefighter actively fighting cancer in the United States.

Family members are welcome to become advocates and discuss their firefighter’s decon process with them and help spread awareness of how we can reduce the risk of firefighter carcinogen exposure with the community.

As a reminder, here are the decon steps you can take to reduce your risk of occupational cancer:
- Gross decon of PPE in the field to remove as much soot and particulates as possible
- Use on scene decon wipes to remove as much soot as possible from exposed areas as possible
- Change your clothes and wash them immediately after a fire
- Shower thoroughly after a fire (within the hour whenever possible)
- Clean your PPE, gloves, hood, and helmet immediately after every fire
- Never take contaminated clothes or PPE home or into your vehicle
- Keep bunker gear outside of living and sleeping quarters
- Decon fire apparatus interior after fires

Thank you for being a Firefighter Cancer Advocate!

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