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We're Hiring: Social Media & Email Specialist

Social Media & Email Specialist

Job Description

Position: Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist  

Type: Fully remote, Independent contractor
Hours: 30 Hours per month
Rate: $25 per hour + commission

Position Overview
Our Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist is responsible for telling our customer’s story as it pertains to our brand. This includes educating them on firefighter cancer risk, decon, and our products. We want our customers to have our products on hand so they can use them when they need them.

FLAME Natural Decon products have set the standard for firefighter personal decon and now that we know carcinogens are present not only throughout the fire station and apparatus, but in turnouts, it's become exponentially clear that personal decon with FLAME during every shift and after every fire call is a must. 

We are seeking a Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist who has a vested interest in our fire community. This experienced social media specialist will research, plan, curate, and schedule social media and email content for our customers.


  • Social Media Growth: You will be focused on increasing followers, engagement, comments, likes, shares, etc.
    • Social channels include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn
  • Social Media Brand Management: Keeping our brand and voice consistent across our platforms. You will be responsible for visual as well as written content. We are looking for someone with ideas, strategy, and management skills to make sure everything gets done.
    • Represent brand correctly on each platform (IG, FB, LI, and TT)
    • Create content for posts, stories, and reels
    • Manage your time to ensure all the balls in the air stay in the air. Deadlines are expected to be met.
  • Content Creation: We have an entire community of firefighters who have used and love our products, you will be responsible for creating content that educates them an other firefighters on our products, the risks of cancer in the fire service, and what can be don to reduce those risks. This content creation take creativity, good research skills, and the ability to communicate well with firefighters.
    • Take photos and videos, create graphics, and reels, and source content that tells our customer’s story.
  • Scheduling:All social media and email content will be scheduled 7 days in advance.
    • You will be using Later, Klaviyo and Facebook Business Suite to schedule content and will not have to directly interact or schedule on live platforms.
  • Analytics & Tracking: Studying our numbers monthly and coming up with strategies to improve our performance.
    • Track key metrics for each channel
    • Use metrics to identify trends, areas of improvement and areas of expansion
  • Learning new trends & staying up to date: The social media world changes so quickly and part of your job will be to stay up to date with the absolute latest trends so we can implement them quickly.
  • Promote Products Organically Through Social: Create strategies and content plans to sell company products. Bonus compensation is part of this plan, and your success with this area of your position will directly correlate to your higher income.
  • Email Brand Management:Curate and schedule emails that not only promote our products but educate our customers.

Requirements (expected proficiencies to excel in this role)

This position is for a person that meets the following:

  • A deep passion for reducing firefighters’ risk of getting cancer
  • Knowledge of the fire service’s career and volunteer structure
  • A insatiable desire to learn and educate. You consume and create new things (to test new ideas/concepts/theories)
  • Excellent communication skills, both through social media and email, as well as with teammate
  • Have a knack for presenting information in a conversational and informative way
  • 2 years minimum of working with firefighters or the military. Must have the ability to adapt to FLAME's style and communicate well with firefighters of all ages and ranks
  • 2 years (minimum) experience with social media strategy and management
  • Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok EXPERT
  • Canva (or equivalent program) expert
  • Experience managing a social content calendar
  • Experience analyzing and summarizing metrics/data to identify trends and make recommendations
  • Organized online, in life, and in your head
  • Excellent project Management skills
  • A deep passion for social networking technologies
  • You are on the cutting edge of the industry
  • A self-starter with the willingness, and desire, to "roll up your sleeves" and get the job done
  • The discipline to work independently
  • Experience using social media monitoring tools
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work well with your teammates
  • Preference for working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Commitment to providing a high level of customer service
  • Photography or videography skills, or photoshop experience. Don’t need a professional camera – just an eye and a skill for it with that phone!
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Reliable and distraction-free work environment

Metrics (KPIs) / Success Measured By:

  • Minimum of one social media posts scheduled to each channel every day
  • Minimum of two emails scheduled each week
  • All content must be scheduled at least 7 days prior to it being published
  • $1,000 in new customer product purchases via social media and email code per month

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to tara@flamedecon.com. Your cover letter should answer the questions “Why do you want to work for FLAME? How do you see yourself being an asset to our team?” DMs will not be replied to in regards to this position.