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Size Matters
FLAME has been scientifically formulated with the right activated charcoals to adsorb more toxins.
The pore size of the type of activated charcoal you’re using is the key factor in determining which toxins get removed and which don’t. 

Most products just use one type of activated charcoal and some don’t even bother to tell you which kind of activate charcoal they’re using and why they’re using it, because until now, you haven’t been educated on how activated charcoal works. We’re about to change that! 👀 

You see, activated charcoal is derived from natural sources, like wood, coconut shells, and bamboo, and each of them have different pore sizes.

Here’s the key, you have to match the pore size of the activated charcoal to the size of the toxin you’re trying to remove or it won’t adsorb it (adhere to and wash away). 

There’s not one type of activated charcoal can remove all toxins. If you want to remove toxins of all sizes you have to use the right kinds of activated charcoal together. That’s why we use four different types of activated charcoal in our products to ensure we’re removing toxins of all sizes – and we are the only company doing this. 

When firefighters step into a fire, they’re not just coming into contact with one toxin – they’re coming in contact with many, so we needed to make sure we were removing as many of those toxins as we can. 

Our proprietary blend of activated charcoals is the base of all of our cleansing products and it removes toxins of all sizes from your entire body. 

So, whether you’re a firefighter, or just a human walking our planet, FLAME products will remove more toxins from your skin and hair.
Let me show you...
One way we can see this is through color, because color is one of the toxins we can see in plain sight. So as you can see here, activated charcoal derived from coconuts has very small pores, therefore it has removed the red food coloring, while bamboo and binchotan activated charcoals remove majority medium sized toxins and have left the water red.   



Don’t forget though, just because coconut activated charcoal takes out the color doesn’t mean it’s good at removing larger toxins – it will still leave behind most of the medium and large sized toxins you come into contact with. This is why you must use different types of activated charcoal. THIS is why FLAME was born. 

FLAME activated charcoal is a propriety blend of activated charcoals to remove toxins of all sizes and it is the base of all of our cleansing products. 

FLAME is the only product on the market mindfully removing toxins from across the spectrum of molecular toxin sizes.