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Shampoo + Body Wash

FLAME Shampoo + Body Wash is our signature product. It has been specifically formulated for firefighter decon, meaning it actually works to get you truly clean and remove that smoky stench.

Our proprietary blend of activated charcoal is the base of this product and we developed it to remove all sizes of toxins. FLAME Shampoo + Body Wash also moisturizes with aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter.  

With its naturally derived ingredients and scientifically advanced activated charcoal all in one bottle, we’ve made it effortless for you to remove toxins from your hair and body and live a cleaner life for you and your family.  

Also, this is huge - our concentrated formula makes using FLAME less expensive for you than grocery store brands: 

Bottle Size
Cost Per Bottle
Amount Needed Per Wash
Cost Per Wash
Grocery Store ($0.37 per wash):
8 oz
1 tbsp
FLAME ($0.32 per wash):
8 oz
1 tsp

Field tested and approved. All naturally derived ingredients. Great for all hair types. Free of garbage ingredients. Developed for Firefighters. Veteran and Fire Family owned. Made in America. Firefighter Shampoo. Firefighter Body Wash. Developed specifically for firefighter decontamination. 

Legalese: By purchasing this product you understand that this product does not claim to prevent or cure cancer or any other disease or infection. You also assume all responsibility for use of this product. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Hooligan Halligan
Shampoo body wash

I love this stuff cleans without a foo foo smell

Carlos Lopez

I cannot express enough how much I love your products, you have done an incredible job with this. I will forever be using this product!

Audrey Hartwick
My favorite

I do use Flame for the decon properties after my 24 hour shifts as a paramedic. It keeps my hair soft and I always feel clean afterwards. I totally recommend this product to everyone! The subscription makes sure I don't run out or forget to order more!

James Robinson

Love the soap and shampoo+body wash! Thank you!

Ryan Duet

Shampoo + Body Wash