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FLAME Soap is the perfect bar of soap for the firefighter life. It has been specifically formulated for firefighter decon, meaning it actually works to get you truly clean and remove that smoky stench. It'll leave you smelling vigorous and refreshed. 

Our proprietary blend of activated charcoal is the base of this product and we developed it to remove all sizes of toxins. FLAME Soap also moisturizes with Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Oat Protein, and natural Glycerine. 

Each 5 oz bar even comes in its own travel case. With its all natural ingredients and scientifically advanced activated charcoal all in one bar of soap, we’ve made it effortless for you to remove toxins from your body and live a cleaner life for you and your family.   

Field tested and approved. All natural ingredients. Free of garbage ingredients. Developed for Firefighters. Veteran and Fire Family owned. Made in America. Firefighter Soap. Developed specifically for firefighter decontamination. 

Legalese: By purchasing this product you understand that this product does not claim to prevent or cure cancer or any other disease or infection. You also assume all responsibility for use of this product. 

Customer Reviews

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Steve Ringer
Incredible product!

This is by far some of the best soap I've used in general, not just for decon but all around an incredible product. I have never felt more clean after a fire. And most of all, I opened the package, smelled the product, and over the course of the next 4 shifts I caught 4 fires.

This soap brings JOBS!

Kevin King

I’m never using any other soap ever again, Flame Devon soap is amazing. I’m currently out of soap and sadly have to use another brand, can’t wait for my next bar to get here.

No more smoke smell for 3+ days after the fire

I've used this a few different times for fires my department has had. Its amazing! I wish I had this while in the academy. I couldn't get the smoke smell out of my hair for almost 3 days and after multiple washes (before FLAME). I bought this and was skeptical at first I have think hair so I got the shampoo/body wash bottle. Was waiting to use it till we got a fire, well we got one and I washed my hair with it ONCE and it go the smoke smell out!!

Shannon Towns
Great stuff

I can finally get the smoke smell out of my hair and off of my hands without washing them 5 times!


My husband is a retired firefighter and was wondering where were this soap when he was in the service. Honestly, THE BEST soap we’ve ever used in our entire life. So glad we found this treasure company.